20+ years of experience.


CSP Media Group is a full production company that helps clients to create and develop the visual project they want to accomplish. We are a one-stop shop for any video project from pre-production to post production and everything in between.

We aim to always give our clients the best experience possible through their journey in every step of the way! From the content creation that represents the idea they want to develop, providing the best equipment and crew necessary to make it happen. Our goal is to find and create the perfect team for our client. Everyone in our team is trained to handle the most advanced equipment in the market and our speedy post-production team is also proficient in graphics and effects.

Our Partner Company GreenLight & Cameras has been around since 2007 helping costumers and crew members with the best technical and logistical support in their projects. Every project has different needs and we make sure those needs are met.

We are more than just a company, we are a film community.



Discovery                   Locations

Concepting                Creative

Storyboarding            Brief Budgeting

Writing, Casting


Directing Technical

Direction Creative

Direction Client

Services Shooting

post production


Design Animation

Compositing VFX


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Streaming & Remote Client

Streaming Services without limits

Multi-Camera Livestream